Despite Burmese cuisine being comparatively lesser known than its neighbours India, China and Thailand, the food reflects a mixture of the three. Tourism in Myanmar is still developing, therefore food around this country can be found in the tiniest of stalls with no fixed address.

Burmese rice| Img via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0


Chicken feet

Chicken feet is underrated and delicious, and the winner of the dish is the sauce that makes it a delicacy on its own. A mix of lemon, vinegar, soy sauce, and brown sugar gives the sauce an intense flavour. The dish is both juicy and tender, and one you ought to look for in Yangon restaurants such as the well-known Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon.

Burmese Paratha

This food is a unique flavour of Burmese and Indian influence, together with sweet bean paste is an amazing combination. This crispy food can be found in most tea houses, so watch out for these yummy looking parathas.

Burmese rice

Rice is a staple in Myanmar, as it is in most south Asian countries. Along with the rice, you have the freedom of choosing your curries, meat, vegetables and seafood. At the end of the meal, you finish it off with a cup of green tea and palm sugar.

Claypot noodle

Myae Oh Myee Shae is a clay pot noodle dish in Myanmar, which is a popular Chinese inspired dish that could be found along the streets of Chinatown. The noodle is served in a tasty broth, topped with slices of pork belly and beef together with three different types of vegetables for good measure.




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