Myanmar, especially the city of Yangon has several places to visit, and in-between when the hunger or thirst hits, it also has a great collection of dishes and drinks to serve you which will indeed delight your taste buds.

Delicious Yangon Dish
Best Food and Drinks to Try in Yangon

Try a Mohinga Dish
If you are considering having a Yangon brunch, a Mohinga dish is something that you can try out. It’s basically a dish of noodles that is also known as the unofficial national dish of Myanmar.

Have a good Paratha!
Paratha is a favourite food item of most of the visitors and is also something you can try out if you happen to stay at a hotel such as Sedona Hotel Yangon. Try out different versions of it – be it sweet Paratha or savoury Paratha, Yangon has it all for your breakfast and dinner.

The Mandalay Beer
In Myanmar, finding a Myanmar Beer is not a hard thing, but locating a Mandalay Beer is definitely not easy. Try tasting a bottle of this beer that usually comes with a red label on the surface and note the difference!

Taste some pork soup
If you are someone who loves pork, then why not try a pork soup in Yangon? It’s a delicious dish that you can generally find even on the streets when you are on the way back from your evening walks.