Are you a vegan or vegetarian and about to travel to Thailand on a vacation? Worried about your food once you’re there? Well, although Thailand is quite famous for its meat dishes and is known to be a meat-lovers paradise, it has great options for vegetarians as well. Here are the top picks of the best vegetarian dishes that you will most definitely enjoy!

Laab Jay

Although it is quite uncommon to have Laab Jay as a vegetarian dish, some of the best restaurants in Chaweng serve this dish with lettuce leaves, minus the meat! The meat is normally replaced with some tofu and it’s definitely delicious and a must-try.

Green pea soup

On the vegetarian menu at Tree Tops Sky Dining & Bar you do find ‘Warm Green Pea Soup’ together with other vegan options. Generally, because many ingredients such as potatoes, peas, plant-based yogurt, olive oil, and lemon juice are all added to it, this makes a great tummy filler to most of the tourists.

Lablascovegmenu from London, Crema de guisantes – Vegan green pea soup (6691727219)CC BY 2.0

Pad Phak

This is a classic dish that has stir-fried vegetables. As salt, spices, and sugar are all here in this dish, it’s really a combination of many flavours.

Pak Boong

Pak Boong means ‘Morning Glory’ and no, we are not introducing you to the flower. It’s a popular dish in Thailand which is considered to be extremely healthy. It’s a seasoned salad with soyabean paste, soy sauce, garlic and more.

TakeawayPak boong fai daengCC BY-SA 3.0