When in Bintan, if you’ve got an appetite, there is no need to hide it or be embarrassed about it. This place is all about going all out for your cravings and trying out the local cuisines. Here are a few hidden places where the food is absolutely delicious.

Image credit: Narda Yescas via pexels.com

Pujasera Food Centre

This is a hawker centre selling some of the most amazing dishes. Some of them would include maggi goreng, mee goreng, nasi padang, goreng pisang (fried bananas) and much more. The best thing here is that you can opt for the food to be served in either traditional style or you could let them know the size of the portion you’d like.

Rimba Jaya

This is sort of a two in one package as this place while being s hawker stall is also a night market. Begin your exploration here with food, all sorts of street snacks. From fried cauliflower and fried mushroom to satay and goreng pisang, they’ve got all the junk food you’ll ever want! Once you are done eating, stroll through the night market to work it all off.

Casa Italia Pizzeria

Anyone for pizza? No matter where in the world you are, bet, you’d never say no to a pizza. Here in the tropics of Bintan, an Italian family decided to bring in a piece of Italy here. You are guaranteed an authentic Italian taste, and guess what? Its steaming hot and fresh out of the oven.


When it comes to Bintan restaurants, the are plenty to visit here for some fine dining. Also, The Residence Bintan by Cenizaro and other hotels offer some great restaurants to try out during your visit here.