ou may be surprised to hear that Sri Lankan breakfast is now a major attraction when visiting the country. Yes, it is, for the breakfast experience in Sri Lanka is just so memorable and unbeatable.


Image credit: istolethetv via flickr.com

Hoppers or string hoppers

Even the best restaurants in Colombo, regardless of the rich variety they have for their breakfast buffets, hoppers and string hoppers usually have the most demand. Hoppers is a type of pancake prepared with rice flour and coconut milk and string hoppers are made with rice flour.

Sambol – the most popular side dish

Not just with breakfast, sambol goes well with any meal you have in Sri Lanka. The most popular sambol is pol sambol made with grated coconut and plenty of chilies. This is also one of the main side dishes you will find at restaurants the likes of Rare Bar + Kitchen if you happen to enjoy your breakfast there.

Dahl – the staple dish

In a perfect dahl curry, you will find orange lentils, a rich blend of local spices and coconut milk. Depending on the place that prepares it, the curry can either be runny or thick.

Other curries

In addition to dahl and sambol, there will also be other curries served. This will include chicken, potato or even a fish curry.