Excited to try your new French Press but you don’t know the optimum way to use it? Did you know that temperature plays a crucial role in coffee? Read along to reveal everything you need to know about French Press!

Image credit- Unsplash,Sorin Gheorghita,CC0

Best Temperature

If you want to make the best coffee in the world, there are two things you need to be extra careful about. First, you need to maintain the ideal temperature in your French Press, which should be between 190-195 Fahrenheits. Next, you need to find yourself some great coffee beans or ground coffee for the best taste. Damn Fine Coffee is the preferred choice for baristas in the game!

Why Is Temperature Important?

You might wonder why the water temperature for French Press matters this much. Boiling water can most often burn the real taste out of the coffee or extract unwanted flavours into the brew. Therefore, it is important to stick to the given temperature. You should also be mindful to use the kettle only after 30-60 seconds of the water being heated up.

How to Measure Accurately

It is best to use a thermometer to measure the temperature without using guesswork to get the best results. It is impossible for every coffee to always taste the same, but you can keep some consistency by always measuring the temperature before you pour the water. Preheating the French Press carafe with boiling water is a pro tip you can use to bring the machine to the ideal conditions.