Siem Reap is located to the north-western sides of Cambodia and is a busy yet laid-back town, but with many local attractions worth paying a visit. This city is home to several tourist resorts as well as shopping venues, making it an ideal holiday destination.


Siem Reap

If you ever plan a holiday in this beautiful city, you can always stay at a luxury hotel in Siem Reap, because the city has many. Much more of Cambodian authenticity can be found here, even if you meet some people and have a talk.


Things to see

From Anantara Angkor Resort, traveling to Siem Reap attractions is not a big deal. Among the most loved attractions, you find Angkor temples namely the Bayon Temple at Angkot Thom, Jungle Temple at Ta Prohn and many more.


The food cultures

The special thing about Cambodian food is that they maintain their own character and flavour profiles. You may find some visible influences from French, Chinese, Thai and Vietnam cuisines but, with distinct differences too.

Cambodian breakfast (15959719060).jpg
yashima from Karlsruhe, Germany, Cambodian breakfast (15959719060)CC BY-SA 2.0


Shopping times

Siem Reap has its old market equally catering to tourists and local travelers too. This is, of course, the best place to buy decorative chopsticks and genuine silk scarves. In addition, there are also several local shops to buy fruits and vegetables.


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