If you’re a foodie visiting Hong Kong, you won’t be at a loss when you decide to embark on your food adventures. Here are a few dishes you must try.


Hong Kong style French toast

This beloved afternoon snack can be found in almost any diner that you visit when in Hong Kong! Called sai dou see, this version of French toast comes with a generous amount of peanut butter slathered in between slices of bread and deep-fried to achieve the crispiest exterior!

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DaderotFrench toast – Hong Kong – 20180421 151601CC0 1.0


Beef brisket noodles

You’ll find this delicacy at several restaurants in central Hong Kong, even at hotels such as The Murray Hong Kong. The beef in this dish is melt in your mouth tender!

File:Beef brisket rice noodle 牛腩粉 (3356674856).jpg
Dennis Wong from Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Beef brisket rice noodle 牛腩粉 (3356674856), CC BY 2.0


Hong Kong style egg tart

A bakery staple in the city, the tart is popular for its smooth and silky texture and sweetness. The best time to eat this sweet treat is when it’s right out of the oven, this is when the flavour is at its optimum! The tart comes with two types of crust: the shortbread crust or the flaky puff crust, you can choose your pick!

File:HK Macau-style-egg-tarts.jpg
User: (WT-shared) Tatata at wts wikivoyage, HK Macau-style-egg-tartsCC BY-SA 4.0


Bubble Tea

Despite not originating from Hong Kong, bubble tea is a local favourite. You can select the level of sweetness you need and opt to leave the milk out if you choose to.

Classic bubble tea.jpg
OqmilteashopClassic bubble teaCC BY-SA 3.0


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