With its idyllic beaches, magical sunsets and star-filled skies, the Maldives is one of the best places to enjoy a romantic dinner with that special someone. Here are a few private dining ideas for you to consider!

Image credit-Pixabay,sasint,CC0

Beachside Dining

One of the most popular experiences in Maldives for couples, beachside dining is truly romantic, especially since you can enjoy everything from spectacular sunsets to seaside serenades. Available at resorts the likes of Adaaran Prestige Water Villas, such dining options also make for a wonderful surprise for your partner!


Restaurant Fine Dining

Island resorts are home to some of the best restaurants in Maldives offering intimate settings to enjoy fine dining and gourmet creations. Some restaurants even have outdoor areas overlooking the ocean which adds to the charm.


Deserted Island

Of course, for the ultimate seclusion, you can enjoy a meal on a deserted island where it’s just you and the one you love. Such experiences can be usually enjoyed as a late evening picnic, BBQ or a meal with a personal chef preparing your favourite dishes.


Out at Sea

A romantic dinner in Maldives doesn’t always have to be on land! You can also have your meal organised on a luxury vessel or a traditional dhoni (boat); imagine sailing into the sunset and enjoying gastronomical delights and fine wine with your one true love as the stars come out to play.

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