COVID 19 made a direct impact on almost everything, and yes- it changed the food trends as well. Is it just people getting used to home-cooked food instead of restaurant food? No, there’s so much more!

Plant-based food

Can you believe that even some fast-food restaurants decided to go green during the pandemic? They began to sell food items with more protein from plant sources. This has made vegans super-delighted!

Food delivery

Yes, food delivery prevailed even before the pandemic. But, don’t you think the pandemic increased the demand that delivery services had? Some of the best restaurants in Singapore including the ones owned by Pan Pacific made sure their food delivery services are 100% safe and quick during the pandemic.

Cooking classes

Just like all other classes, cooking classes too went online- thanks to the pandemic. Famous chefs started YouTube channels for cooking and that made cooking less miserable.

The concept of ‘Breakfast’

International Brunch | Image via Unsplash

People stayed indoors mostly, and this created time for them to think about their morning meal. Earlier, they had got used to the brunching concept, which was not healthy and good at all.