Savouring local cuisine is a key part of a cultural experience and when in the Maldives, these dishes and drinks will have your taste buds in raptures of delight!


Featuring aromatic spices and exotic flavours, spicy curries are perennial favourites. Seafood based dishes such as fish and prawns curry, generally eaten with rice or roshi (flatbread), are popular and on offer at resorts like Huvafen Fushi Maldives. You can also try chicken curry (kukulhu riha) and various vegetable curries too.


A nourishing and light fish broth or soup, garudhiya is a much-loved traditional dish in the Maldives; island resorts have it on the menu as well and it’s well worth sampling. Fresh tuna is the main ingredient, cooked in water along with chilli, garlic, curry leaves, onion and a dash of lime before being served hot with rice or roshi.

Mas Huni

Mornings and mas huni go hand in hand since this is a famed breakfast dish! It’s so easy to make you can easily try it at home too, though first ensure to taste the authentic version. The dish consists of shredded tuna that is mixed with onions, grated coconut, chilli and a bit of lime and is usually eaten with roshi.

Local Drinks

Maldives Tea
Maldives Tea | Image via Unsplash

Amongst the most popular drinks in the Maldives is tea or “sai”, enjoyed throughout the day be it with or without milk. Locals also drink raa, a beverage made from the sap of palm trees, while the liquid of fresh coconut is a great thirst quencher. At resorts, you will have the option of trying various fresh fruit juices too.