Sydney is considered a city with a multicultural population. So, it’s no wonder that its food culture also is diverse with many cultural influences. Yes, it’s a surprising food city!

Smashed Avocado

When smashed avocado is offered to you on a toast in Sydney, you say yes to it even if you aren’t so much into avocados. Get a latte to accompany this unique taste.

Meat pie

In Sydney, this is the best pie you’ll come across. Head to any of the best restaurants in Darling Harbour the likes of PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney, and order a meat pie for you to delight your taste buds.

Yum Cha

If you are a dumpling lover, you’ll need to try out this! Yes, Asia’s Yum Cha cannot be beaten, but this is the best you can find outside Asia.

Sydney Rock Oysters

Sydney rock oysters |Image via Flickr

This is an unmissable delicacy in Sydney! The Australian oyster species are very much similar to the ones you find in New Zealand. But they are way different from the Pacific and Atlantic ones.

Fish and chips

It’s the simplest food option in Sydney! Try out fish and chips as a snack after a long walk to chase away all your exhaustion.