If you choose to holiday in the Maldives, you will have the opportunity to savour the delicious local cuisine which features some outstanding dishes that will tantalise your taste buds.

Fish Curry

Fish Curry
Fish Curry | Image via Flickr

As you might expect in an island nation, the local cuisine abundantly features fish. One of the highlights would be fish curry using yellowfin, skipjack or frigate tuna, bigeye scad, mahi-mahi or similar varieties. A beach resort in Maldives to consider where you could base yourself and savour such dishes would be Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives.


Another popular food in the Maldives would be gulha, which consists of dough made from rice or wheat flour with a filling of tuna, coconut, chillies and chopped onions. They resemble little dumplings and are commonly enjoyed as a snack in the evenings; they are generally on offer at local eateries on inhabited islands.

Live lobster

An exquisite dish to try in these islands would be the flavourful Maldivian live lobster. Here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh live lobster that has just been cooked. You will find that freshly cooked lobster tastes the finest and when this dish is prepared by skilled chefs, the result will be an outstanding seafood feast.

Aluvi boakibaa

When it comes to Maldivian desserts, a special place goes to aluvi boakibaa. This happens to be a delectable cake made from sweet cassava and coconut that has a delightfully soft texture. Because of its popularity, aluvi boakibaa can be readily found at many of the cafes and restaurants in the Maldives.