Among the snacks, you can come across while holidaying in Thailand, snails are a delicacy loved by both locals and foreigners alike. Here are some of the most affordable restaurants in Thailand to sit and enjoy a quick snail dish to your liking. 

Marianne Casamance, Escargots 3, CC BY-SA 3.0

Snail shops in Quy Nhon

Considered the snack paradise in central Vietnam, Quy Nhon boasts plenty of snacking restaurants and speciality shops to snack on to your heart’s content. Among all the baked rolls, egg rolls, soups, and pancakes you can stuff yourself with do not forget to enjoy some scrumptious snail dishes. A yummy delicacy loved by Vietnamese and foreigners alike, there are several snail shops for you to enjoy a quick snack after a hearty meal during your stay at a luxury hotel in the city like Anantara Quy Nhon villas. 

Snail Co Xi

If you are looking to enjoy some quality snail and seafood dishes without putting a dent in your savings, Snail Co Xi is the place to be. Despite having little space, the restaurant offers an array of mouthwatering dishes for the intrepid eater. One of the most popular snail dishes in the eatery includes the greasy sticky snail steamed with lemongrass and soaked in fish sauce, scallions, and chopped lemongrass. 

Thuy Kieu snail

Promising more than 30 different types of snails blended with rich flavours, Thuy Kieu snail shop is among the most popular Quy Nhon restaurants to grab a quick meal. Being quite small in size, the restaurant gets crowded during evening hours and smells of delicious woollen snails, fat snails, jumping snails, incense snails, yellow apple snails, garlic snails and many other dishes made of snails.

Ba Bong Snail

Popular for serving some of the yummiest snail dishes in town, at Ba Bong Snail, you can find a variety of snails the likes of prickly snails, hand snails, garlic snails and incense snails to name a few. Each different snail variety also has its unique dipping sauce allowing you to get a different taste each time.