If you are a coffee lover or a barista and want to create the best espresso ever, then here are a few things you need to know. Put your apron on and let’s get brewing!

massage-techniques, Espresso shotCC BY-SA 2.0

Things to measure

Many may not pay much attention to measurements when it comes to making espresso, but this is very important. There are 3 main elements where measurements are mandatory: yield, dose and brew time.


This refers to the quantity of dry coffee you will be using to prepare your drink. The ideal amount for a cup of espresso would be 14 – 24 grams.


This is the quantity of liquid coffee in your drink which was measured earlier in ml. In recent times though, there is proof to say that measuring in grams is more accurate. The yield is measured in relation to the dose (1:2). This means that 20g would yield liquid coffee of 40g.

Brew time

Brew time is extremely important as it can change the flavour of your espresso. The average brew time would be 20-35 seconds. For all this, you will also need a coffee maker. Sri Lanka online sellers like Fits Retail specialise in equipment and ingredients just for a good coffee!