While there’s much to see and do in Indonesia, don’t forget there are plenty of divine dishes to sample too! Here are some that every foodie should try.

Beef Rendang

Beef lovers will enjoy this delectable dish that has its origins in Padang, Sumatra. Known for its rich flavour and spiciness, beef rendang is made with coconut milk and a spice paste and cooked for a long time till it is tender. The result is something like beef curry though minus the gravy or broth. Be it at Jakarta eateries or Bintan restaurants, ensure you give it a try.

Indonesian Satay

Indonesian Satay
Indonesian Satay – Image by saesherra via Pxabay

A perennial favourite, satay features all types of meat on skewers that are typically cooked over coals till they are succulent and ready to enjoy. A popular street food, satay here is topped with a yummy peanut sauce and served with ketupa, a kind of rice cake. If you’re looking to sample local dishes on your holiday, then hotels like The Residence Bintan have dining venues serving Indonesian fare.


The Chinese have dim sum, while the Indonesians have siomay! Another street food highlight, this dim sum-like steamed fish dumpling can be found sold by vendors on a bicycle with a steamer on the back. Best eaten hot and fresh with some peanut sauce it’s usually accompanied by veggies such as cabbage and potato as well as an egg.

Martabak Manis

Those with a sweet tooth will love martabak manis which is an Indonesian-style pancake though it may be thicker than those you are normally used to. Fillings for this dish vary and can include peanuts, chocolate or cheese. Interestingly, it’s solely sold in the evenings, though once you’ve tried it, you are bound to want to make it at home and always enjoy it!