Made up of diverse cultures, Sri Lanka and its commercial capital Colombo, is known for its eclectic cuisine. Of course, some local dishes will truly fascinate more than others!

Isso Wade | Image Credit : Jérôme Decq, Beignets de crevettes à Colombo, CC BY 2.0

Isso Wade

“Isso wade” is one of the most popular street foods in Colombo; it’s made up of a deep-fried dhal cake (“wade”) topped by one or two small prawns (“isso”). It’s crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and has a spicy kick to it too. Tip; Galle Face Green has many vendors selling this delectable snack.

Ice Cream with Sprats

In search of a unique dessert at a local restaurant? Colombo offers those with a sweet tooth some rather fascinating fusions including ice cream that has dried sprat (a type of fish) powder sprinkled on it. Introduced by rare Bar + Kitchen, it’s also served with caramelised onions, part of a dish called “seeni sambol”.

Goat Brain Curry

This dish may sound unusual, but it’s a common delicacy for some. You can find street food vendors in areas such as Hulftsdorp who sell goat / mutton brain curry; it can be enjoyed with parottas or roti and maybe with an EGB (a local ginger beer soda) which arouses the spiciness!

Dolphin Kottu

First off, NO dolphins are harmed during the making of this kottu! It’s the name that is on the unusual side rather than the dish itself which doesn’t have any dolphin meat. In comparison with regular kottu, however, it does feature larger chunks of roti and meat and is spicier too, well worth trying on a foodie tour.