Burmese cuisines aim to take simple flavours and create unique and tasty combinations with them. Whenever you travel to this exotic destination, be sure to stop by at a local restaurant and order these 4 delectable Burmese dishes.


At the very forefront of Burmese cuisines is the famous Mohinga. This is essentially a bowl of stir-fried noodles that are covered in creamy fish soup and topped off with a generous helping of deep-fried fritters. This is an excellent option for breakfast and a delicious way to get the day started.

Burmese Biriyani

If you’re planning to have lunch at one of the prominent Yangon restaurants – say, for example, the in-house restaurants of Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon – be sure to order a hearty plateful of Burmese biriyani! This is flavoured rice served alongside an array of meats and fried vegetables as well as a healthy dose of local spices.

Tea Leaf Salad

Tea leaf salads are one of the most popular dishes you’ll find in Burma. This seemingly simple dish is made up of dried tea leaves that are mixed with peas, shredded cabbage and sliced tomatoes. It’s an excellent appetiser to cleanse the palate and get you set for that tasty biriyani.

Burmese Naan

The Burmese naan is a fusion of Burmese and Indian cuisine. Made atop a clay cooking pot, it is often served alongside beans and several curries. You can even request for it to be prepare burrito-style so that you can have it on the spot!