While Myanmar is known for its rich culture, equally captivating is its distinctive and diverse cuisine. Here are some of the top dishes worth trying on a foodie adventure.

Traditional Myanmar Food
Best Dishes in Myanmar

Tea Leaf Salad
The main ingredient of this popular dish is “lephet” or fermented / pickled tea leaves which are used to make a healthy and nourishing salad. These tea leaves are generally mixed with sliced tomatoes, cabbage that has been shredded, deep-fried beans and nuts to create a yummy snack or add-on to rice.

If you love noodle dishes, then definitely give Mohinga a try be it in Mandalay or Yangon! Brunch, breakfast, lunch or dinner, any time is ideal to savour this rice noodle dish that is served in a flavour-filled fish broth. It is available at restaurants such as D’Cuisine at Sedona Yangon and can be eaten with banana tree pith, hard-boiled egg or crispy corn.

Nan Gyi Thohk
Another well-known noodle dish, Nan Gyi Thohk features round rice noodles that are quite thick; it is sometimes referred to as Burma’s version of spaghetti! It is made with special chicken curry and is generally served with bean sprouts, a hard-boiled egg that has been sliced and fish cake slices as well.

Shan-style Rice
A dish originating from the Shan ethnic group, Shan-style rice is made utilising rice that has been prepared in turmeric, while being topped with garlic oil and freshwater fish flakes. This savoury and spicy dish is usually served with everything from deep-fried pork rinds to raw garlic too.


Well worth trying on a foodie tour, the best dishes in Myanmar include healthy tea leaf salad, noodle dishes such as Mohinga and Nan Gyi Thohk and Shan-style rice.