Binondo was founded in 1594 and is regarded as the oldest Chinatown in the world, becoming a melting pot of Chinese and Filipino merchants. Here’s some more information on this fascinating spot.

As of now
Binondo is roughly 45 minutes from Berjaya Makati Hotel and any other similar Manila hotel, making it an easy spot to reach. Today you’ll find people from all walks of life choosing Binondo as their place of business or home. One reason could be because land values have been consistently appreciating, and even office buildings and malls have found their way to Binondo.

Cultural identity
Despite the recent rise of modern infrastructure in the area Binondo has managed to retain its cultural and historical identity. Due to this, it attracts a lot of fascinated tourists who look forward to witnessing the seamless blend of the past and the present.

Food adventure
When you’re in Binondo, do make sure you try out some of their authentic dishes that will take your taste buds on a crazy adventure! There is no other place in Manila that does Chinese cuisine like Binondo.