Singapore is an amazing country to visit with its multicultural population that has resulted in a beautiful unique culture that becomes Singapore’s very own. The blend of various nationalities has also evolved the food dishes here making the foodie’s experience a delightful one.

Singapore Foods
Singapore Foods | Image Credit : Jpatokal, Newton HokkienMee, CC BY-SA 4.0

Food that came from nowhere

When it comes to food that is completely indigenous to the land of Singapore, there aren’t any. This is because even the first inhabitants of the island were from China. Therefore, what we call Singaporean cuisine today is actually a combination of Chinese, Indian and other cuisines.

The way of life

In Singapore, eating is considered a way of life! Therefore, it is no wonder that the dishes here, even though the ingredients might be simple, taste absolutely delicious! The local’s appreciation towards food is simply something that foodies would enjoy observing.

Rice, noodles and seafood

The basic ingredients that Singaporean food is focused on would be rice, noodles and seafood. All these ingredients are either stir-fried or eaten with soup. If you are interested in finding out the fine details of these dishes through taste, the best option would be to hit fine dining spots at hotels like Citadines Rochor Singapore.

Fruit & Spices

Be it in a juice, shaved ice or a salad, Singaporeans use their tropical fruits in the best ways to bring about drinks and dishes of unbelievable taste! Make your way to the market nearest to your Singapore serviced apartments and try a dish or juice.