Part of the joy of heading to Melbourne is the chance to sample the many culinary creations that are as cosmopolitan as the locals. These are some must-try foodie favourites!

Wagyu Burger

The premium burger in the spotlight here is the one at Butcher’s Diner which uses Robbins Island wagyu. Open 24/7 and within easy reach of Melbourne hotel apartments, this popular dining venue crafts the burger to perfection; it features a medium cooked 160g juicy patty ideally balanced with tomato, mayo, sauce, lettuce and pickles.


Those looking to try a heavenly hummus should head to Bar Saracen, located just a two-minute walk from Oaks Melbourne on Lonsdale Suites. Served with pita pockets made in-house, this yummy delicious hummus dish features diced prawns, spanner crab that has been pickled and paprika too.


Margherita Pizza

While many pizzerias offer Margherita pizza, the one to try is at the outlets of 400 Gradi; it is an award-winning pizza after all! Savour the taste of authentic Neapolitan cuisine with this wood-fired Margherita pizza that apart from the perfectly baked dough has fresh mozzarella and basil topping a tomato base.

Jam Doughnuts

The freshly made jam doughnuts at American Doughnut Kitchen is a sweet snack that really hits the sweet spot! Started in the ’50s, this family business has garnered quite a name for itself; once you taste the doughnuts that are crispy and hot on the outside while being soft and jam-filled inside, it’s not hard to see why.