Bangladeshi cuisine like most other South Asian food is packed with flavour. From spicy curries to fried street food, you are bound to have a truly exceptional experience.

How is food eaten

Bangladeshi food at a Dhaka restaurant the likes of Pan Pacific Sonargaon Dhaka can be enjoyed in many ways. However, the traditional form of eating is by using your right hand. Even if you are breaking bread or “roti”, locals are used to using just one hand for this purpose.

Food brings people together in Bangladesh

Food is mostly served in abundance and shared among people sitting around one table. Locals love eating together while having a good chat.

The food you must try out

Bangladeshi Biryani|Image by Jayzain via Wikimedia Commons,CC BY-SA 3.0

While curries are the staple in Bangladeshi cuisine, there are also a few other dishes such as rice cakes, mashed vegetables, biriyani, Pani puri, and shingara that you must have in Dhaka. These are not only loved by the locals but by any tourist who visits the area.

The love for fish

This is something unique to Bangladesh where fish is considered one of the most beloved and preferred dishes. Fish is made in the form of curry, deep-fried, roasted, and coated in different flour types. The two most common types of fish in Bangladeshi cuisine are halsi and carp fish.