Missing out on your favourite coffee due to COVID-19 restrictions? Why not brew your own coffee? But you might wonder whether it’s possible to buy a great coffee machine belonging to popular brands like DeLonghi in Sri Lanka? It surely is. Head over to stores such as Fits Retail and you’ll find a range of coffee machines, out of which you can buy one that suits your preference.

image via https://www.fitsretail.com/

DeLonghi Automatic Espresso/ Cappuccino Machine

If you’d love a hassle-free coffee-making experience, an automatic machine would be an ideal choice. From grinding coffee beans to brewing them, it will take care of everything.

DeLonghi Manual Espresso/ Cappuccino Machine

This comes with user-friendly control panels that would help you prepare a delicious cup of coffee. It will be a great addition and convenience to your daily coffee-making routine.

All-in-One Coffee Machine

Do you have a favourite beverage for different times of the day? Be it a creamy latte, a rich cappuccino, or a delicious coffee, this machine has got you covered!

Budgetary Concerns

All DeLonghi machines are built in a way to help you get the most out of your brewing experience and this comes with a great coffee machine price in Sri Lanka.