An espresso machine at a hotel or restaurant will add a service that customers will love, especially since many are likely to be coffee fans! Keep these things in mind when making your selection.

Image credit- Unsplash,Skylar Michael,CC0

Trusted Brand & Agent

Always purchase a coffee machine from a well-known brand as well as a trusted agent to ensure you get high-quality equipment. Coffee machine suppliers like Fits Retail are ideal since they are authorised agents for brands like Rancilio, Delonghi and Egro while offering technical support, barista training and a dedicated repair centre.

Traditional Machines

Traditional machines provide complete control over the coffee-making process be it setting the grind, dosing, tamping or extracting the shot. For such espresso coffee machines, Sri Lanka offers brands like Rancilio with easy programming functions too. The barista can determine the quality of the final product which is one of its advantages.

Automatic Machines

Also known as bean-to-cup machines, automatic coffee machines automate the entire process and are thus faster, while they require less technical skill to operate. Though traditional machines will typically provide a better product, automatic machines are closing the gap and have customisable features too which can include grind texture and coffee strength.

Capsule Machines

A pod or capsule machine is another alternative to consider. Ideal in terms of convenience, such machines do away with the need for aspects like grinding or dosing the coffee beans and instead, use pre-filled capsules. Capsules are available in various flavours and provide espresso and Lungo varieties to enjoy from brands like Dallmayr coffee.