Sri Lanka, being an island surrounded by beautiful waters and rich marine life, has some of the most amazing cuisine to check out. Seafood is a favourite among locals and foreigners alike. Here are a few must-try dishes.

Image credit- Unsplash,Mahmoud Fawzy,CC0


Crab is a delicacy that’s loved the world over, and it is no different when it comes to Sri Lankan cuisine. Local spices are added to the curry version of the dish and it is also cooked dry. The best crab curry can be found towards the north of the island, Jaffna.


This is an ingredient that is dried and used to make various dishes. Shrimps are usually devilled, but this makes it very spicy…if you are up for it!


There are several types of fish that are made into a spicy curry in local cuisine. The most popular dish found at restaurants in Marawila would be ambul thiyal.


This is also cut into a ring shape and devilled with onions, green chilli and other spices that bring out a wonderful flavour. You can try this dish at hotels like Amagi Beach.