Adored for its richness in spice and flavour, Indonesian cuisine is the way to treat your taste buds the next time you’re holidaying at one of the Bintan resorts the likes ofThe Residence Bintan.

Hidang-style Nasi Padang
Hidang-style Nasi Padang | Image via Wiki media commons

Hidang-style Nasi Padang

If you walk into a Nasi Padang restaurant, you’d be fascinated by the appetising local delicacies spread out on a table – this mini-buffet style is known as “Hidang” in Indonesia where you will only be charged for the dishes you eat. Nasi Padang is a type of steamed rice served along with various delicious dishes such as Gulai.


Indomie is a type of instant noodles in Indonesia and holds a special place in the natives’ hearts. This dish is usually served with a side of vegetables along with a sausage and fried egg on top.


This grilled and skewered meat is eaten by dipping it in a sauce made out of soy and peanuts. Another variety of this dish in Indonesia is “Sate Madura”. It includes thinner chunks of meat and is dipped in a black sauce containing “kecap manis”, a variety of sweet soya sauce.


A grilled fish cake that is served using banana leaves, otak-otak is a grounded seafood mixture that also includes garlic, scallions, and coconut milk. It is held together with its infusion of tapioca starch.