Sri Lankans have very unique ways of doing things. The way they celebrate their special moments, the way they play, and even the way they dine are different from the usual routines.

Start with the breakfast

‘Eat like a King for breakfast’- that’s what Sri Lankans have got used to. String hoppers, pittu, milk rice, or even rice is commonly prepared for the morning meal.

AntanOKiribath (milk rice)CC BY-SA 4.0

Go for a heavy lunch

Lunching means enjoying rice and curry. Rice is the staple food in Sri Lanka, and several curries are prepared to enjoy rice with. Curd with treacle is one of the best desserts you can have after your meal.

End the day with a good dinner

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Street food and snacks in-between

If you feel hungry in between, just head to any street food stall and grab some of the most amazing street food. Sweet and spicy, hot and cold- it varies as per what you choose!