In Singapore, you get to taste yummy signature dishes that show similarities to Chinese, Indian and Malaysian ones. All you need to do is to explore one of the hawker centres there.


Chilli Crabs

chilli crabs
chilli crabs | Img via Unsplash

Every luxury hotel in Singapore has this signature dish on its menu. Even the star-rated ones such as PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay serve the chilli crab dishes, and they use the meaty Sri Lankan crabs for this.


Fish-head curry

Chinese restaurants have their way of preparing the fish-head curry, but the Indians do it the best. Fish heads are stewed in a spicy sauce and then, to add more taste, they also include veggies.



In a Laksa dish, you find all ingredients including rice noodles, coconut curry sauce, herbs, cockles, bean sprouts, prawns, and fish cake. Restaurants sometimes add some more ingredients, and street food stalls have their own recipe.


Drinks to try

Teh halia means ginger tea and is a popular drink in Singapore. Indian vendors are the best to go for if you want a teh halia, and then you also have kopi Tarik and teh Tarik which means pulled coffee and tea.