Although all Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese food seem to be similar, there are noticeable differences among their tastes, ingredients used as well as in the ways they are made. When it comes to the Cambodian cuisine it is one of the oldest in Southeast Asia and here are some facts that you never knew about it.

Image by: fan4tian2  via pixabay| CC0

The habit of sharing plates

At restaurants in Siem Reap, Cambodia fine dining does not mean a structured progression of dishes like in the Western culture. It’s more of a family dining style where the main meal comprises of a variety of dishes and the plates are to be shared among the members dining.

Cooking with fire

During your visit to Cambodia, go to Chi Restaurant & Bar and you may be surprised to witness their habit of cooking with fire. Barbequed fish and grilled meat will catch your taste buds over there because unlike those at Thai streets, you may find a different and unique taste in them.

Fermentation is quite popular

From fruits and vegetables to seafood and fish, Cambodians ferment them all! This is how they make their most popular ‘prahok’ dish, which is known to be cheese by the locals, but which smells more like fish than cheese!

 Flowers are edible in meals

Flowers are normally used on top of dishes to add a decorative effect to the meal. But Cambodian cuisine has edible flowers in its meals! They eat flowers raw and in cooked form too! An interesting fact indeed!

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