Food lovers will be in their element in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, as they will encounter some tantalisingly delicious dishes in this city that are sure to delight and satisfy!

Image credit- Unsplash,Nita Anggraeni Goenawan,CC0

Nasi goreng

The ubiquitous nasi goreng may be described as one of the most popular Indonesian dishes. This delectable fried rice dish often includes vegetables and goat meat. Additionally, it will also contain butter and spices to heighten the mouth-watering flavours. Shrimp paste will be another popular element for traditional nasi goreng.


Satay is another of Jakarta’s iconic foods. Chicken that has been marinated in sweet soy sauce is a popular option; this meat is fixed on skewers and then barbecued so that it is perfectly grilled. It is often served with a peanut sauce and flakes of garlic. An accommodation choice to consider from which you could enjoy such foodie adventures would be Somerset Berlian Jakarta where you could stay at a Jakarta residence apartment in the Permata Hijau residential district.

Bubur Ayam

Bubur Ayam may be described as an Indonesian variety of porridge, but it is surely a remarkable variation of this usually simple dish. Bubur ayam is filled with fried soybeans, fried crackers, well-shredded chicken and tofu. Sometimes, chicken broth is also added to this dish to provide the ideal flavour.


Martabak is also a delightful Indonesian culinary creation worth trying. It may be considered a type of pancake but with many different fillings. In fact, you will have the chance to savour martabak filled with various stuffing options such as peanuts, Toblerone, chocolate sprinkles, Nutella, cheese, butter and more!