Visitors to the charming nation of Saudi Arabia will find that this country features an appealing food culture with many delectable dishes that will delight the taste buds of the diner.

Image credit-Unsplash,Shourav Sheikh,CC0

Ruz Al Bukhari

The well-liked Ruz al Bukhari happens to be a fragrant dish of rice that is typically accompanied with roast chicken. Several spices are featured in this dish, including cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and cumin, in addition to a topping of fried onions and raisins. A zesty tomato sauce is also served as a side dish.


Meanwhile, Muttabaq is a very popular snack in Saudi Arabia, consisting of fine layers of bread with a stuffing of minced meat, leeks, eggs and scallions. To finish off the preparation of this dish, it is usually fried, although it can also be baked. One of the Jeddah accommodations to consider where you could base yourself as you enjoy the local cuisine would be Spectrums Residence Jeddah.


The well-known Harees happens to be a traditional Saudi Arabian dish that is often prepared during the period of Ramadan. The main ingredients of this dish would be coarsely ground wheat, oil or butter and meat; these ingredients are mixed together and cooked with spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and cumin.


You will find that Tamiya, sometimes called falafel, is a fritter composed of vegetarian ingredients like fava beans or chickpeas; sometimes both ingredients are used. A very popular snack, you will be able to purchase these fritters by themselves or as sandwiches; in this case, the Arabic bread will be stuffed with the Tamiya, eggplant, tomatoes and pickles.