There is no better place than Dubai to indulge in a range of cuisines to treat your tastebuds and explore all the foodie adventures you ever dreamed of. If you’re planning to visit Dubai in the near future, here are some experiences for you to try to satisfy your cravings.

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Dine Like a Local

When in Dubai, you must dine like a local and experience a true Emirati meal to test the local flavours. You will find a range of dishes rich and perfectly balanced in flavours such as Deyay Nashef, ma Khobox Wagafi, and Robyan Mashwi. You can try some of these from the hotel bars & restaurants during your stay at Avani Hotel.

Global Cuisines

Dubai has been a melting pot of cultures and nationalities where you will easily find all styles of cuisines including Asian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, and Japanese. The authentic restaurants elegantly placed in every corner of the city will give you an experience worth a lifetime with their iconic flavours satisfying all your cravings.

Celebrity Chefs    

You will find several celebrity chefs in Dubai putting their best work in famous restaurants such as The Palm, Hell’s Kitchen, Orfali Bistro Bros, 3 Fils, and Trèsind Studio. Renowned chefs including Massimo Bottura, Torno Subito, and Masterchef Gordon Ramsay’s most famous cuisines can be found in the heart of the city. Don’t forget to get recommendations from the restaurant to try the crowd-favourite dishes before you order!