The street cuisine of Bali isn’t just a culinary feast. The preparation is as enjoyable as the food itself, a spectacle to behold. As unique as the dishes are, it’s tough to draw any similarities to other cuisines and perhaps no need to do so anyway – the food is great and a definite magnet for tourists.

Rollan Budi from Vancouver, BC, Canada, Babi guling, CC BY-SA 2.0

Babi Guling

A portion of herb-infused whole roast pig served with peanuts and sticky rice. Although a Muslim country, one should still be able to find this in Bali streets as it is considered famous enough to not miss during your vacation. It’s a meal that’s guaranteed to warm you with its wholesomeness.

Nasi Campur

A staple meal in a lot of Southeastern Asian countries, this dish translates to “Mixed Rice”, alluding to its rice mixed with veggies, meat, and eggs. It’s a meal that is prepared differently by everyone who makes it, which isn’t surprising given its popularity. Make sure to try this in Bali’s night market for a guaranteed taste.

Balinese Coffee

Although not a “food” in a technical sense, this entry is worth mentioning because of its quality. Widely recognized as some of the best coffee beans in the world, the local warungs (family-operated stores) are usually packed to the brim in the mornings with people looking for their daily doses of caffeine. Although, that’s not to say that properties such as the Nirjhara may not stock their own – your best bet is to visit and find out the best for yourself!


Sate, or Satay as it’s known in other parts of the world, is popular no matter the country of origin and can be found in the streets or in the best Bali restaurants. Roughly translating to barbequed meat on sticks, it can be made from a wide variety of meats ranging from the common goat, to the more exclusive turtle meat prepared during ceremonies. It’s also served with a side of rice and a choice of soy or peanut sauce.


A hearty meatball dish, this item is usually served alongside rice or noodles, but is fine eaten solo as a snack. Being one of the most popular snacks/foods in Bali, it’s found easily as a frozen, ready-to-eat packaged food as well and is made using minced meat, tapioca flour, and salt.