An amazing, out of the world experience is what you get to enjoy when you visit an underwater dining restaurant. The concept of underwater dining has now been tried in several countries, with several different themes. However the spectacular scenery that awaits diners is different not only in restaurants in various parts of the world; every second spent in the same restaurant affords new eye popping scenery.

Usually built with acrylic, underwater dining provides an opportunity for a unique, private and relaxed experience, supplemented by the coral reefs and colourful fish as well as giant rays and other sea creatures looking in whilst you enjoy your meal.

Anantara Kihavah Maldives is a unique resort that offers several interesting dining options including underwater dining. Fashioned along the themes of Fire, Salt, Sea and Sky, the various restaurants live up to their themes, each providing distinct settings.

The Sea themed restaurant is a hollow beehive like octagonal structure sunk into the ocean that offers a limited number of spaces at a time to enjoy mouth watering delicacies and culinary wonders created by the world class chefs behind the scenes. Dining in this blue pool restaurant with its low lighting is truly a blissful experience as diners are able to watch the various antics of marine life right before their eyes without the hassle of having to don cumbersome swim gear and other paraphernalia.

Cuisine wise, the Sea restaurant has a wide variety to choose from and also offers an impressive collection of wines from the underwater wine cellar. The all glass octagonal shaped restaurant offers the ultimate luxury in dining and is definitely a must visit.

Whilst dining and relaxing are certainly important aspects of your vacation in the Maldives, soaking up the sun, exploring the islands and sea and indulging in water sports are all activities that you should consider for a joyful and memorable holiday experience.

For those looking to visit the Maldives, make sure you check into one of Maldives resorts such as Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas that offer luxury and comfort and everything you would need to enjoy a relaxing holiday. It is one of the leading Maldives spa resorts and lets you enjoy the very best the country has to offer.