Dubai is a beautiful and lavish city, renowned for its extravagant hotels and countless sources of entertainment. Dubai’s growing economy had attracted businesses from all over the world, making Dubai one of the most popular tourist destinations for shoppers and sightseers alike. The restaurant business is no exception to this huge development seen in Dubai and the past few years has seen countless celebrity chefs from all over the world join the local chefs in opening luxurious restaurants that take dining in Dubai to greater heights. Anyone visiting Dubai should not miss out on the fantastic dining in Dubai, as it truly is one of the best experiences in this beautiful city.

Local and international chefs alike have established countless fine dining restaurants in Dubai that offer diners a taste of innumerable varieties of cuisines, from Asian to European. These fine dining restaurants all have one thing in common; they all offer diners an exciting and delicious meal that is truly unforgettable. A variety of fine dining restaurants ensures that travellers visiting Dubai can get a taste of a variety of cultures. Okku, a Japanese restaurant in Dubai that is run by two local chefs, offers diners an exciting and unusual twist on Japanese cuisine. Nobu is another Japanese restaurant that serves delicious treats from Japan, and is world renowned for serving delectable food. Most of the fine dining restaurants in Dubai offer diners a meal with a view, such as Eauzone, which serves modern Asian cuisine near a beautiful and radiant pool, which gives the meal a magical feel. If you are in the mood for a Mediterranean style meal, Maljis Al Bahar offers an eclectic mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, guaranteed to make your mouth water. Al Hadheera is the restaurant you must visit if you have a craving for traditional Arabian food, as along with offering delectable food; the atmosphere is something out of Arabian Nights.

For those who are looking to satisfy a hunger for western cuisine, Dubai’s fine dining will not disappoint you. Table 9, which took over after the departure of Gordon Ramsey, offers guests a luscious European fusion meal. Rhodes Mezzanine gives their guests a brilliant and delicious fusion of French and British cuisine, cooked up by world renowned chef, Gary Rhodes. Dubai has a wide array of fine dining restaurants to try, all offering unique and eclectic experiences for your taste buds.

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