The most popular and developed city in Western China is Chengdu. Considered to be one of the most important economic and industrial hubs of the area, Chengdu is a city with a rich heritage and dynamic culture. One can witness traditional Chinese cultural highlights such as Sichuan opera, teahouses, religious festivals, and ancient Chinese literature, along with more modern attractions such as the Tianfu Square, electronic and IT expos, and the world-renowned Sichuan Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve.

Among the many delightful attractions of Chengdu is its unique cuisine and dining. Offering dishes with rich flavors which are sure to satisfy your taste buds, Chengdu’s signature dining has captured the attention of many locals and tourists of China. With three distinct varieties of cuisine and many restaurants, ranging from high-end to budget, Chengdu is the place to be to savor some of the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia.

The cuisine in Chengdu is something which has been developed from ancient times, and today serves as a perfected means of tantalizing your taste buds. There are three different types of cuisine in Chengdu; Sichuan, Hotpot, and Snack. Of these, Sichuan is the oldest form of cuisine dating back several centuries. The signature trait of Sichuan cuisine is its sharp zest and spiciness and some of the typical Sichuan dishes include Ma Po Tofu with Chili Oil, diced Kung Pao Chicken, and Twice Cooked Spicy Pork. Check out the Piaoxue Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant and the Baguo Biyi for some typical Sichuan cuisine. Hotpot is one of the most popular forms of cuisine in Chengdu and is also known for its tangy and spicy flavors. Yet one can easily find more moderate Hotpot dishes if you are not a big fan of the spices. Tanyutou, Shizilou, and the Tan Fish Head Hotpot are some of the top Hotpot restaurants. In addition to this one can also find a range of restaurants in Chengdu serving Italian, Thai and even BBQ style cuisine. So Chengdu is definitely worthwhile visiting if you want to treat yourself to some exotic culinary delights.

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