As an island nation, the Maldivians boast an array of succulent seafood platters. A visit to Maldives would not be completed if you do not try out some of these mouthwatering local dishes in Maldives. If you are residing at an award winning hotel in Maldives, you are sure to be treated like a king and served with a wide range of authentic local dishes. Reside at a resort belong to COMO Hotels and Resorts, a well-known luxury hotel group and enjoy the best of your holiday in Maldives. One of the top local dishes you need to try out is skipjack tuna curry or any dish made of freshly caught tuna. Rihaakuru is another paste made of tuna that is an essential in the daily meals. Garudhiya is a clear fish broth that one must savour to get the taste of Maldivian cuisine. Gulha short-eats made of tuna and starchy dishes made of potatoes and breadfruit are also popular among both local and foreign visitors to the Maldives.

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