Germany has plenty of history, amazing architecture, interesting culture and much more. In fact, some of Germany’s festivals and events are considered the best!

7777777kz, Munich, Beer Festival (Oktoberfest) – panoramio – 7777777kzCC BY 3.0

Berlinale Film Festival
Commonly known as The Berlin International Film Festival, this is an event that has quite a large attendance. This film festival attracts over 500,000 individuals hailing from the international film industry and it is said to trail Cannes Film Festival as well. The main purpose of this festival is to screen, promote and encourage new film projects and upcoming film directors.

As one of the most legendary festivals, Oktoberfest is celebrated all around the world. A visit to Dubai Beer Bar the likes of Ernst Biergarten during Oktoberfest will be an experience unlike any other. This has become the biggest folk festival in the world and includes a lot of beer! Munich, Germany, is usually well lit during the two weeks for which Oktoberfest goes on during the fall season.

This mesmerising festival aims to honour the legendary Ludwig van Beethoven. If you’re into classical music, you’re likely to appreciate his music. The festival boasts over 50 concert performances and is a paradise for lovers of classical music.

Munich Opera Festival
Another one of Germany’s famous festivals is the Munich Opera Festival, which holds a lot of historical and traditional significance. This festival takes place between late June and July, hosting ballet productions, concerts, and Broadway musicals! If you enjoy music and love witnessing musicals in real life, the Munich Opera Festival is ideal for you.