The Maldives is a paradise in the Indian Ocean that draws visitors from all over the world to experience its wonderful hospitality, bizarre tourist attractions, and a wide variety of adventure sports. The amazing cuisine is also a huge part of the country’s allure. Here are some popular foods you must try here.


This delicious delicacy is to die for. With Roshi (Maldivian Chapati), steaming rice, chiles, lime onions, and grated coconut for decoration, Garudhiya is a delectable dish. This traditional Maldivian dish’s rich flavour comes from broth, which is created by simmering a variety of tuna species. You can enjoy a hearty bowl made especially for you at an all-inclusive hotel in Maldives.


If you’re looking for a quick, filling, and delectable breakfast alternative, Mashuni is the way to go. Try it, you’ll love it! The dish’s two main ingredients are tuna and coconut, which are combined with minced chiles, peppers, and onions. Resorts such as Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives or any Maldivian eatery you find in the city each has their own unique way of making this.


Image via Wikimedia Commons – Jpatokal, Masroshi Maldives, CC BY-SA 3.0

A type of bread called masroshi can be consumed as a main meal or with tea. This thin dough is stuffed with tuna, ginger, garlic, curry leaves, onion, pepper, and coconut before being cooked and served. The best time to eat maroshi is for breakfast or with a cup of tea in the evening. It is a palm-sized dough that is light on the stomach.


Gulha, a delicious variation of dumplings, is a well-liked evening snack that is frequently offered at every cafe and restaurant in the Maldives. The mouthwatering tuna fish filling in gulha is coated with regional spices, giving the meal a bite.