While you may have heard all about the heavenly beaches and luxurious resorts in Maldives, don’t forget it’s also a great destination for foodie adventures that should include these dishes.

DivergenTribute, Green Mango Curry, CC BY-SA 4.0


When it comes to dining in the Maldives, restaurants will often serve traditional local favourites such as Garudhiya, the name given for a refreshing fish broth or soup. Fresh raw tuna is the star of this dish; it’s chopped into cubes and cooked in water to which ingredients like chilli, garlic, curry leaves and onion are added. Seasoned with lime, this nourishing soup is usually served with a flatbread called roshi.


Curries are perennially popular here and you should look to sample them too when dining at restaurants that serve traditional Maldivian dishes at resorts like OBLU SELECT Sangeli. Mas Riha, Dhon Riha and Kandu Kukulhu are some of the well-loved fish curries, while Kukulhu Riha or chicken curry is also a local favourite. Meanwhile, vegetarians can try Dhon Anbu Riha (mango curry) and Bashi Hiki Riha (dry eggplant curry).


When hunger suddenly strikes, you can have one of the many traditional Maldivian snacks such as Masroshi; this dough-based culinary creation has a delectable filling with ingredients that include grated coconut, smoked tuna, ginger, garlic, chilli, lime, and curry leaves. The dough with the filling is rolled into a ball and flattened slightly and then fried till it’s golden brown. It’s best eaten hot with a cup of tea.

Kiru Boakibaa

Those with a sweet tooth are bound to find that Kiru Boakibaa, a traditional Maldivian milk cake, will become their new favourite dessert. This moist and divine-tasting cake has a distinctive flavour due to the coconut milk that’s used; other ingredients which can include jasmine water or rosewater, cinnamon and cardamom combine to create a most delicious treat to be enjoyed after or in between meals!