The Maldives is not only one of the best places for a holiday but foodie adventures too and here’s a glimpse into the culinary discoveries that await.

Asian Cuisine
Asian Cuisine | Image by EDWW (day_dae) Esteeme via flickr

Diverse Influences

Be they enjoyed at island cafes or the best restaurants, Maldives traditional dishes are not to be missed; they showcase the diverse influences on the local cuisine from Sri Lanka, India, and the Middle East, while retaining signature flavours too. Since the nation is made up of almost 99% ocean, fish is understandably a staple, while coconut in many forms and starches like sweet potato and cassava are commonly used for cooking too.

Local Dishes

There are plenty of local dishes to try; traditional culinary creations like Garudhiya that’s a nourishing tuna-based soup, Mas Huni, a breakfast favourite that’s also made with tuna and spicy curries are amongst the most popular. Fresh seafood including lobster is another delectable delight that can be enjoyed at resorts like OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi. Dessert lovers won’t be disappointed either with options like Saagu Bondibai (sago pudding) and Kiru Boakibaa (Maldivian milk cake) truly divine!

International Cuisines

Amongst the perks of staying at a private island resort, is that one can savour an array of international foodie favourites too be it Western, Far Eastern or Central Asian cuisines. To fully enjoy the range of dishes on offer, opting for an all-inclusive package is thus the ideal choice. What’s more, such properties also feature various settings for dining too which can include the beach, beside a food truck by the shore or even an underwater restaurant!

Various Drinks

Of course, no culinary exploration would be complete without trying well-loved local drinks such as tea (or “sai”) or a traditional beverage called “raa” made from toddy tapped from palm trees. Keep in mind no alcohol can be sold or consumed on local islands. Don’t fret, however, this law doesn’t apply to private island resorts; at those that offer all-inclusive packages, you can look forward to unlimited beers, regular spirits, and house-pour wines!