While many think that Bangkok is the best place in Thailand to experience culinary delights, that is not always the case. Located in the Phang Nga Province, Khao Lak is another culinary destination that one cannot miss out on.

Khao Lak Cuisine

As cuisine in Thailand tends to vary from region to region, at Khao Lak Restaurants one would find food that represents a mix of southern and central Thai cuisine. Furthermore, this region also contains dishes that are influenced by Malaysia and Myanmar. Thus, it can be a memorable experience for foodies.

Seafood Dishes to Try

As Khao Lak is located near the Andaman Sea, it houses some of the freshest seafood. Thus, when staying at an establishment such as Avani+ Khao Lak Resort, take the time to visit the Seafood Market. At this market, it is possible for one to select the freshest catch of the day and have it cooked to your preference.

Street Food

Similar to any Thai city, Khao Lak also houses an impressive collection of street food. Therefore, when in this city, it is mandatory to try dishes such as Pad Thai, Som Tam or even grilled pork skewers. Furthermore, it is recommended that one be adventurous and try dishes that they haven’t heard before. That is the best way to expand your palate.

Jpatokal, Lao green papaya salad, CC BY-SA 4.0

Thai Sweets and Desserts

That sweets are a truly unique creation as they contain both sweet and salty elements. Thus, when in Khao Lak make sure to try dishes such as mangoes sticky rice, coconut pancakes and even tim krob. These dishes can be found both at street markets and in restaurants.