Just as sublime as the island beaches in the Maldives is the delectable local cuisine and here are some of its top dishes you should introduce your taste buds to!

Miansari66, Chicken Curry, CC0 1.0

Mas Huni

No start to the day would be complete for Maldivians without savouring delicious Mas Huni. This popular breakfast dish which is also served at resorts like Atmosphere Kanifushi is made with shredded tuna that’s mixed with scraped coconut as well as onion, chilli and lime. It’s often eaten with a flatbread known as roshi and is simple enough to make once you are back home too!


An integral part of the cuisine here is the various curries on offer be it at local eateries or resort restaurants in Maldives. Fish curry made from different fish varieties is a perennial favourite including Mas Riha and Kandu Kukulhu. Chicken curry or Kukulhu Riha is also worth savouring, while vegetarians will be happy to know there are several veggie curries made here as well.


A light and wholesome soup, Garudhiya is amongst the most popular traditional dishes in Maldives. It’s made using tuna that is cooked in water and to which is added ingredients like chilli, garlic, onion and a bit of lime; it’s generally enjoyed with roshi or rice. Interestingly, it’s said that the flavour of this dish improves when it’s reheated over several days.


While you get plenty of traditional snacks or Hedhikaa to choose from, one that’s not to be missed is Bajiya. This triangular teatime treat (like a samosa), is best enjoyed when it’s been freshly fried or baked along with some hot tea; the main stuffing is boiled, dried or smoked tuna mixed with various spices, though you get versions with chicken as well.