Sri Lankans are well-known for having hearty meals three times a day. And if you are in Sri Lanka, you might as well join the pack and stuff yourselves breathless! Colombo, the commercial capital of the paradise isle, caters towards all your culinary cravings. Whether it be spicy Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine or delicious Italian and Chinese. Crave it and you will have it. While most Colombo hotels have exciting dining options, your culinary adventure should commence at the restaurants located at Cinnamon Grand Colombo. Your taste buds are sure to go bonkers at the variety on offer around the bustling city.


Steaming rice and curry, served with spicy pork or chicken curry and a heavenly variety of dishes are served at Nuga Gama. The restaurant will transport you to a rural Sri Lankan village. However, you can’t ignore that it’s a village that is set within a luxurious hotel. The food is brilliantly prepared and executed. You are sure to fall in love with Sri Lankan cuisine.


Don’t leave Sri Lanka until you have sampled all kinds of seafood. Crab, prawn, fish, cuttlefish, clams and lobsters…well, the list is endless. And Sri Lankan chefs are certainly very experimentative. At Ministry of Crab, you will find gigantic crabs cooked to perfection. Who said digging into a crab was a messy exercise? It’s certainly a delicious one.


Borrowing recipes from its neighbour, Sri Lanka has also perfected the art of Indian cooking. Visit Agra, and enjoy its unmatchable atmosphere and mouth-watering dishes. Agra serves the best mutton, chicken and vegetable biriyani.
Though it is hard to find ‘authentic’ Chinese food in Sri Lanka, you will find something better. Chinese food with a Sri Lankan touch! Taste it at Flower Lounge or Chinese Dragon Café.
Dining in Colombo is certainly a ‘food safari’.


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