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    Adelaide is the capital city of the South Australia region. However, the city is also called the food and drinks capital of Australia, as it is home to some of Australia’s finest wine and produce regions. A visit to the … Continue reading

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    Sri Lanka is diverse in many different ways and cuisine is one such area where each area of the island makes their own traditional dish that interestingly, no matter how hard you try, another cannot duplicate. The secret is years … Continue reading

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    Traditional Sri Lankan Cuisine is spicy and is guaranteed to tantalize the taste buds. Sri Lankans are proud of their culinary heritage and ever eager to promote it. Visitors to the island acclaim Sri Lankan cuisine and often request it. … Continue reading

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3 Places to Go for Delicious Dim Sum in Shanghai – Dishes that should not be missed

Best known for its creativity, Shanghai is one of the destinations not to be missed by any tourists. While giving much preference to its Chinese culture in the entertainment it offers, the architecture is also to be admired. Shopping and cuisines should top your checklist. Dim sum is something that will add an extra flavor to your experience at Shanghai, be it for visiting purposes, business purpose or any other purpose. If you are there for a business visit you can choose to reside in a service apartment in Shanghai such as Somerset Xu Hui Shanghai or a number of others, where business services are offered to international executives or any corporate on their business tour. Some of the best dim sum dishes can be found at the following places.

YUE 1525 is better known as a spot where business people and professionals in the corporate world to stop in for special lunch offers. The decorations which suit modern tastes create an inviting atmosphere to dine in and enjoy some good dim sum. In comparison to many of its competitors, this restaurant ranks well for the high quality of food that it offers at a very reasonable price. Crystal Jade is another popular outlet. The pork belly served here is well known for its crispiness, and thus has made this restaurant most famous for its dim sum over any other restaurant, and is recommended to anybody visiting from out of town. While the food here is sold at a premium price, it is still more of a value addition and the best outlet is at Xintiandi. The last place on this list is JB House, which is another restaurant that is popular for dim sum. When you walk into the restaurant, you will see that it is based in a mansion-like setting. Between 11 am and 14 pm is the best time to pile up your plate with dim sum; note that you can get it at half the price during the weekend.

Catalina Forbes is a travel writer who bases her content on many thrilling escapades experienced across the world. Google+

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