As much as adventures and memories are part of holidays, so is food! If you are a foodie setting off on holiday then what better place to be than the South East Asian countries. Among them, the street food in Thailand gains special prominence. So does the variety of items prepared from the fresh catches of the ocean. Most tourists who come to Thailand wound up at one of the many touristy islands around the mainland. Phuket among them has been an all time favourite. If you arrive here you are guaranteed to enjoy a feast of seafood. Restaurants in Mai Khao Phuket are some of the best bets to find the best seafood in the island, some of the hotels that are found also do a great spread when it comes to seafood and has restaurants that specialise in seafood such as the one found in Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas.
One could easily live off seafood on this island until they have had enough. Often guests are guaranteed to be served at least a few seafood dishes at every meal of the day. The Thai seafood tradition is considered to be all pervasive. Starters, mains, soups you name it seafood comes in all forms. Essentially not all Thai food is spicy so if you aren’t a fan of the spices you still can enjoy these dishes.
Diners are often met with a display of seafood on counters with crushed ice. They can then pick what they want to eat and specify the dish they want it in. Most of the seafood dishes are based on the weight. They are sometimes even found alive in large tanks. Some of the seafood the island is famous for are lobsters, prawns, fish, crabs, shellfish as well as other fish among various others.

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