During summer there are many locals who tour the area of Guiyang as the city’s climatic conditions are more conducive for living than many other states. This steady attraction as a summer destination is a recent development, but for years on end people have flocked to share in their comestibles. Both the main meals and snacks have a distinct flavour, aroma and presentation that are rarely found elsewhere in the country. It may be that these dishes and flavours have remained authentic and free of influence for centuries as it is a land locked area with minimal interaction with the world.


It is customary for visitors to try out food at Guiyang restaurants with the bolder ones diversifying to street food and the elite dining at elegant hotels such as the Anantara Guiyang Resort. Whichever category you fall in to, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised. The variety, the nutritious ingredients and the combination of vegetarian and non vegetarian ranges ensure that almost everyone’s interest is caught.


A quick healthy snack is the sliced vegetable baby which is a mouthful of vegetables wrapped in a fluffy flour dough. The vegetables are well spiced and sautéed to make it as delicious as it is healthy. In spite of the distance to the ocean, the dishes containing fish and seafood are both popular and widely consumed. The sour soup fish, which contains hints of pineapple and the pungent taste of tamarind, is a rich food item that is consumed more in Guiyang than its native city of Miao. Since the locals favour moist in their food, many dishes are made with gravy or food is consumed with dips. Love bean curd is a nutritious snack where the piece of tofu is stuffed with vegetables and meat.


As you meander through their streets you encounter the unexpected sight of roasted snails and cooked eels. The locals however perch themselves on to a stool along the sidewalks to dig in to bowls of chang wang noodles, a wholesome meal that takes a fraction of time to make and munch.


Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.