Embark on a culinary adventure as we delve into the world of delicious vegan Indonesian food. Explore renowned eateries and hidden gems, ensuring your taste buds are treated to an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

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Warung Padang Vegan

Experience the authentic flavours of Padang cuisine at Warung Padang Vegan. This cosy eatery offers a delightful selection of vegan renditions of classic Padang dishes, such as Rendang, Sayur Lodeh, and Sambal Tofu. Indulge in the aromatic spices and rich textures that make Padang cuisine renowned, all in a plant-based and cruelty-free way.

Loving Hut

For a diverse range of vegan Indonesian dishes in a warm and inviting atmosphere, visit Loving Hut. This international chain of vegan restaurants offers a menu featuring Indonesian favourites like Nasi Goreng, Gado-Gado, and Soto Ayam, all crafted with plant-based ingredients. Don’t miss their delectable vegan desserts to complete your dining experience.

Bali Buda

Located in the heart of Bali, Bali Buda is a beloved spot for health-conscious travellers seeking vegan and organic options. Their menu showcases a fusion of Indonesian and international cuisine, with vegan-friendly dishes like Tempeh Satay, Nasi Campur, and Raw Vegan Pizzas. Enjoy the laid-back ambience while savouring nourishing food made with locally sourced ingredients. To be close to these locations, stay at Jakarta serviced apartments the likes of Somerset Grand Citra Jakarta.


Immerse yourself in the flavours of Betawi cuisine at Veganbetawi, a vegan restaurant dedicated to showcasing Jakarta’s traditional dishes. Indulge in specialities like Ketoprak, Asinan Betawi, and Soto Betawi, all made without animal products. With their commitment to preserving the authentic tastes of Betawi cuisine, Veganbetawi offers a unique dining experience for vegan food enthusiasts.