Thailand is a nation that boasts a rich and vibrant culture and its cruise is one of the best reflections that support this fact. Here is a guide for travellers who love food and are curious about Thailand.


Where can you find food in Thailand?

Everywhere! Thailand is a nation where one could never go hungry. Thailand’s popular cities are filled with a wealth of restaurants and food stalls at every nook and corners. You will find a variety of traditional Thai food items and also some of the western delicacies such as hot dogs and burgers!


Street food Stalls

Tasting the street food is one of the ultimate travel experiences you should go for during your time in Thailand. Visitors can get anything from a small snack to a staple meal from the many street food stalls that are scattered across the cities. Grilled meat, deep fried dishes, sandwiches, crapes, pancakes whatever that comes on your mind can fill your stomach when you visit these food stalls.

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Local food Restaurants

As mentioned above Thai cuisine is vibrant and delicious. In order to get the proper Thai dining experience, you should definitely visit a traditional Thai restaurant. Most of the local restaurants in Thailand offer wonderful and lively ambience and serve food that is delicious and tastes often a notch above the street food.


Fine Dining

If you wish to experience the best of Thai food in absolute comfort, and have the money to spend, opting for fine dining options with Anantara cruises Bangkok is a good choice and you would certainly enjoy your time marveling at the stunning view of the river of Chao Phraya. Cruise along the calm waters and savour food that is cooked to perfection.


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